Fighting mobile device crime with data

Who uses the NMPR?

The NMPR is a powerful tool for Police and Law Enforcement agencies

Launched by Recipero in 2004, the NMPR helps Police and other law enforcement agencies identify personal property quickly and accurately for the purpose of crime investigation and property repatriation.

Created specifically for Police the service is used nationally by all forces, securely providing real-time intelligence and leads regardless of geography or access device.

Over 40,000 Police officers access the NMPR via control centres, handheld mobile devices and computer systems thousands of times each day. Many arrests and charges are brought based on NMPR searches thanks to ownership and property history records provided by Recipero’s Crime Reduction Ecosystem.

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“The NMPR was responsible for alerting a store that a sat nav was stolen via CheckMEND. The serial number had been obtained from the victim and loaded onto the NMPR by #opmagpie @wolvescid. When the male took the device into the store they alerted Police and male was arrested. .”
DC Gary Thompson - Stolen Goods Officer for Wolverhampton Police

How does the NMPR work?

Secure, real-time access to multiple sources of mobile device and personal possession data

Forming part of the governments secure communications network (SCN) the NMPR not only provides access to the wealth of information contained within the Recipero Crime Reduction Ecosystem, it also provides secure channels for Police to provide stolen property records, ensuring geographically dispersed investigations have timely access to property intelligence.

NMPR Search - How it works

Real-time actionable intelligence, where and when you need it!

Regardless of the device used to access the NMPR you simply search, blink, then review the property history records that should help inform your next action. NMPR can provide:

  • Ownership details
  • Trade history (both retail and secondary markets)
  • Insurance claim history
  • Plus a wealth of other valuable information

In addition to property intelligence, the NMPR also provides very informative reporting which aids bench-marking, and informs on strategic Policing matters and resource planning. Please contact us to learn more.

What types of property?

The NMPR encompasses mobile phones, tablets, bicycles, jewellery, power tools and much, much more!

Types of property

Naturally data pertaining to phones and mobile devices constitute significant percentage of the data that the NMPR has access to however the NMPR provides intelligence on a very wide range of property.

The type of item ranges from the smallest piece of jewellery, to large TV's, to boats, and even bonzi trees - basically anything portable, valuable or just something you wouldn't want to loose!

Most commonly the NMPR is used to search in the following categories

  • Mobile phones
  • Tablets & iPads
  • Bicycles
  • Games consoles
  • Watches Jewellery
  • Computers & Laptops
  • Cameras
  • Luggage
  • Keys
  • Power tools
  • Antiques & Pictures
  • Audio visual equipment
  • IP and Mac addresses
  • Bitcoin wallet addresses
  • Caravans
  • Pets & Livestock

The above list is by no means exhaustive as the numerous supporters and partners of the NMPR, Immobilise and Recipero's other services provide a continuous flow of ever more diverse data.

Data sources

Numerous sources, provide data continuously to deliver accurate, reliable intelligence to NMPR users

As a property ownership / history intelligence tool the NMPR is unrivalled. This is in a large part due to the access it has to the rich data resource that is Recipero’s Crime Reduction Ecosystem, you can learn more about the wider ecosystem here but in a nutshell…

Data sources

National Police data sharing

The NMPR is the unifying solution that pulls data relating to mobile phone and personal property crimes and investigations from each of the UK Police forces. It is the UK’s national property database, enabling officers to share and easily access crime data regardless of Force boundaries and differing IT systems that aligns perfectly with today’s mobile population.

Public property registration

Property marking has always been a prominent public message to ensure recovered possessions can be identified. The internet has taken this a significant step further with property registration systems such as Report My Loss and the Immobilise Property Register where the public are encouraged to freely register property pre-loss/theft.

The NMPR also has access to many other sources of publicly provided data thanks to partnerships schemes.

Retailers, Traders and other organisations

Working closely with businesses that are involved in the sale and secondary trade of mobile devices and other types of property is a key element of the crime reduction ecosystem. The NMPR benefits from Recipero’s direct relationships with numerous businesses and trade organisations all of which work to share information to protect their customers and combat crime.


The insurance industry have always worked closely with law-enforcement to help in both the speedy processing and validation of claims, and also to help identify and mitigate fraud.

Supporting Solutions

“The NMPR is unrivalled in its ability to deliver accurate, actionable property intelligence. Its the sharp end of our Crime Reduction Ecosystem and continues to deliver tangible results” Andrew Kewley, Head of Public Sector, Recipero