Fuller financial data for better intelligence

Locate persons of interest, uncover financial histories, verify identity, residency, account ownership, and financially linked individuals.

Designed exclusively for law enforcement agencies, NMPR Credit Intel delivers comprehensive financial information from the adult population in a compact and precise form created with the direct input of actual LEA users.

NMPR Credit Intel solution allows you to search and return detailed data on a person including their address history, telephone, email and financial accounts, known aliases, fraud alerts and known associates. All from a single search platform, that works alongside our existing device attribution platform with single sign-on.

This unique investigative tool can provide valuable insights into;

  • An individual’s full financial picture, credit history and financial associates
  • Their current and prior addresses, bank accounts, balances, account performance and phone numbers
  • Credit file data combined with niche and sub-prime lending data
  • An unlimited search licencing model, unique in the credit data industry, enabling maximum operational efficiency

Credit Intelligence Data

Credit Intel leverages a wealth of Credit Reference Agency (CRA) data that includes access to, 500 million+ records, consisting of, mortgages, credit cards, loans, mobile phones and utilities from over 700+ contributors including every high street lender, full Electoral Register countrywide and adverse public data.

Dataset Summary

  • Tracing information data
  • Residency data
  • Aliases
  • Electoral role data
  • Financial asscociates
  • Financial accounts
  • Public information
  • Credit search history

Credit Intel Benefits

  • Full, financial credit, public data and associations history
  • Intelligence on individuals, addresses, bank accounts, mobile phone numbers & email address
  • Free unlimited ongoing awareness training
  • Dedicated ex-policing SPOC for advice, consultation and support
  • Unlimited users and usage

For queries or more information about our Credit Intel solution please email support@thenmpr.com