Avoid lost, stolen or compromised devices

Helping businesses and individuals avoid stolen property and trade safely

CheckMEND is the service through which businesses and individuals are able to search the vast property history records that are part of the Recipero Crime Reduction Ecosystem which Police access via the NMPR.

CheckMEND helps traders buy & sell used electronics legitimately by providing them with the means to perform due-diligence in compliance with various codes of practice.

The CheckMEND service strives to provide an items life history that can start at the point of manufacture, through ownership changes, right up to it being recycled back into its raw components and minerals. Using the example of a phone, this can include numerous facts that will affect its functionality, value and perhaps most importantly its ownership status!

Over a decade of investment in building key data relationships

Recipero , the provider of CheckMEND, has spent more than a decade building relationships with data providers including the public, police, retailers, recyclers and networks the world over and today is regarded as the authority on the information relating to the sale/purchase of second-hand goods.

Helping Traders and Police work together to reduce crime

CheckMEND also forms part of several “Safe Seller” schemes throughout the UK following early initiatives by the London’s Metropolitan and West Midlands Police services.

The schemes often involve a voluntary code of practice, seeking to reduce crime and aid recovery of stolen and lost property through the exploitation of the NMPR, CheckMEND and other associated services in the Recipero Crime Reduction Ecosystem.

To learn more about the scheme and how CheckMEND can support traders please read more here or contact our support team.

“The NMPR was responsible for alerting a store that a sat nav was stolen via CheckMEND. The serial number had been obtained from the victim and loaded onto the NMPR by #opmagpie @wolvescid. When the male took the device into the store they alerted police and male was arrested. .”
DC Gary Thompson - Stolen Goods Officer for Wolverhampton Police

Safe Seller Scheme for Businesses & Traders

A police initiative seeking to help reduce property crime and prevent criminals profiteering from theft of stolen property.

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