Free public property registration service

Helping to stop thieves profit from the proceeds of property crime

Immobilise ( ) is the UK's National Property register available to the public free of charge for registration of property and personal possessions pre-loss/theft. Item records can then be easily updated to indicate they are lost or stolen alerting police and helping prevent unauthorised trade.

The details recorded by the public are available for real-time searches by police via the NMPR enabling quick, easy and accurate identification of property.

A diverse range of registered property

As you might expect mobile phones constitute a significant percentage of the items registered on Immobilise, however the system is used for an incredibly diverse range of property. Items range from the smallest piece of jewellery, to large TV's, to boats, and even bonzi trees - basically anything portable, valuable or just something you wouldn't want to lose!

Why the public need Immobilise...

When someone becomes the victim of property crime they need report it to police and often an insurer. The police ideally need a comprehensive list of what is missing including serial numbers for consumer electronics and your devices. An insurer normally requires proof of purchase, accurate model names and, perhaps, even evidence for example that a TV was on a wall prior to the loss.

Most people do not have this information to hand adding to an already stressful situation. This lack of detail can lead to insurance claims being reduced or rejected, and could mean Police have no way of linking recovered property to owners. As a result investigations are hampered and property remains unclaimed. The ability to confirm ownership can be the difference between Police having enough evidence to charge a suspect and having to let them go!

Immobilise benefits of use

  • Record crucial details of personal possessions and devices before loss or theft.
  • Prevent thieves from being able to trade stolen property.
  • Ensure that police can identify your property and return it to you.
  • Speed up insurance claims with ownership certificates that insurers can verify with time-stamped records.

Support of crime prevention and property marking initiatives

In addition to numerous other data sources that the NMPR searches, Immobilise is a key data collection point for public property and features prominently in many police crime prevention campaigns.

In support of such initiatives we provide several types of resources that we encourage forces to take advantage of.

Promotional materials: Please visit immobilise for various options or contact us if your looking for digital or perhaps customised materials ( ).

Promotion / PR of events: We have several popular comms/social channels that we can help get your message our to the public via. Please contact us with details of what you wish to promote.

Discounted property marking and home security products: Whether your registering phones, bicycles power tools or antiques our selection of products can be used to aid registration, and can be purchased in volume with substantial discounts .

Event discounts available for public awareness events/promotions: If your budgets don't stretch to providing the public with free or subsidised property marking products we can still help. Contact us with us with details of your event, whether its focused on a particular item type (bikes/phones etc) and we can normally provide a special discount code for you to provide to the public.

Referral tracking: If you're running and event and want us to help track its success please contact us so that we can advise on the best way to do this, including ways to review stats within the NMPR system.

“ Registering valuable items on immobilise increases the chances of it being returned to the owner as we can easily identify who it belongs to, not only that if we find someone else in possession of the property we have clear evidence it does not belong to them.”
Superintendent Sarah Pitt - Northumbria Police

Immobilise Property Campaigns

We able to support Immobilise campaigns in a number of ways so please contact us to learn more.


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