A powerful suite of intelligence tools for your next investigation

Welcome to the NMPR

Thank you for your interest in NMPR's suite of intelligence platforms. Specifically designed for law enforcement agencies, our user-friendly, browser-based solutions offer a secure and efficient means of obtaining actionable intelligence, enabling instant lead generation from device attribution, credit file data, POI tracking, and personnel vetting.

Device Intel

The NMPR's Device Intel provides an easy-to-use interface where you can search over a billion records of device and item history sourced from traders, retailers, insurers, manufacturers and the public.

  • Instant search results for rapid lead generation
  • Automatic updates on items of interest with watchlists
  • Unlimited searches and usage
  • Optional sharing of activity with all UK law enforcement agencies
  • No need for authorisation - all data is fully consented to
  • Competitive pricing structure

Credit Intel

The NMPR's Credit Intel allows you to search a person's credit file data, including their address history, known associates, telephone and email address.

  • Search complete financial, public and associations data
  • Unlimited users and usage
  • Dedicated support from ex-policing SPOCs for advice and consultation
  • Free unlimited ongoing training
  • Integrated with our exisiting NMPR device attribution platform
  • Competitive pricing structure


Retriever is a fast and efficient search tool that requires as little as a surname and postcode to return results with a list of people and addresses for further investigation.

  • Quickly identify and analyse links to potential suspects
  • Efficient single search box with ranked search results
  • Easy to use in every browser - no IT resource required
  • Open new lines of investigations with little data - justifying more detailed searches

ThreeSixty Online

ThreeSixty Online is a quick and simple search tool that allows LEA employers to vet applications and employees where required by law. You'll be able to access financial, address, debt, and previous history data.

  • Compliant and secure background checks
  • Individual tracing and full occupier lookup for an address
  • CIFAS fraud warnings
  • Detailed lookup of legal proceedings