Property intelligence when you need it

Providing intelligence and attribution for all property types, from phones, crypto IDs, and smart devices to power tools, bicycles, and machinery.

The NMPR is a real-time search tool presenting data from other LEAs, mobile networks, insurers, retailers, second-hand traders and the public to provide unrivalled assistance to your investigations. The only police tool collating data from Immobilise, Report My Loss and CheckMEND in a single place.

  • Proven results in thousands of cases since 2004
  • Evidentially sound, tested in court many times
  • Integrated with PNC and on roadmap for NLEDs

“...I then ran the IMEI through NMPR and received a hit. Ten days prior to our robbery, an individual (who was on licence for armed robbery!) had been stopped by Merseyside Police and as part of the stop and search they had ran the IMEI of the mobile he had on him through The NMPR. This footprint ten days earlier was enough to force the offender to plead guilty to my offence and he received 18 years in prison. Without that NMPR footprint I would have never been able to attribute that number to anyone.” - Source of quote available on request to police officers.

Connected Recipero Services

Report My Loss
Public Real-Time Lost Property Reporting

Report My Loss allows the public to easily record lost property online, immediately reporting the loss nationally to UK Police Forces via the NMPR & PNC systems.

Learn more about the Report My Loss

Thief stealing a laptop out of a open car window

Pre-loss/Theft Property Registration Service

The free Immobilise service enables the public to register their valuable possessions. If they are lost or stolen, item status updates are immediately reflected on the NMPR.

Learn more about Immobilise

Mobile devices

Public & Trade Checking of Mobile Devices & Property

CheckMEND helps the public and businesses to trade phones and mobile devices with confidence, and is one of the data sources available via the NMPR.

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